Michael Spear Hawkins or just "Mike" grew up in Fort Worth, Texas.  His childhood was spent digging up dinosaur bones, reading, skateboarding and playing too much Nintendo.

He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Anthropology in 2010.  Since then he has lived lived in Alaska and served his country as a Peace Corps Volunteer in The Republic of Vanuatu.  After a year and a half living home in Texas shooting full time, Mike moved to Salida, Colorado.  He alleviates the burn out from nonstop photography by managing a boutique motel, The Amigo Motor Lodge.  He photographs for personal enjoyment again and he is available for portraits, architecture and personal projects.

You can find him at the motel, if he is not there check nearby hiking trails, campgrounds or the local dive bar.  If it is the winter just go to the nearest ski area.

Work Published by:  The Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Rolling Stone, Digital Photographer, D Magazine, Alternative Press, National Parks Foundation, Alaska Geographic. 

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