1. Chile: The Rest of the Trip

    2019-09-25 06:38:31 UTC
    Let’s start where I left off previously in Coquimbo just after the eclipse. The vibe (and I truly hate using that word, but it is appropriate here) was electric. Everyone was excited by what they had just witnessed. My small group stayed a bit to watch the Moon slowly leaving…

  2. 2019’s Solar Eclipse in Chile

    2019-08-23 19:54:51 UTC
    August 21, 2017 - two years ago today, the USA experienced a coast to coast eclipse that came to be known as “The Great American Eclipse.” I spent over a year planning, acquiring equipment and planning where to be to see it. We were at a rest stop in between…

  3. Trip Report: Airbus A380 Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth ECONOMY CLASS

    2018-08-16 00:00:23 UTC
    Let me set the scene: I’m in Wairoa, New Zealand, waking up from a nap. I’m at the end of a 3 and a half week South Pacific trip to Vanuatu (where I served for two years in the Peace Corps) and New Zealand. I’ve flown back to see friends…

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