1. The Dancing Aspens of Colorado

    2022-10-16 20:58:00 UTC
    I first heard of these curved aspen trees when a friend shot this grove and shared the photos on his blog a couple of years ago. He and seemingly everyone on the internet was keeping their location a secret. Which is a good thing, as too many people ruin things…

  2. How to Photograph Comet NEOWISE

    2020-07-12 23:48:00 UTC
    Our night sky is full of amazing wonders. I’ve photographed aurora borealis, two solar eclipses, as well as the International Space Station transiting the Moon and Sun. I was young when Comet Hale-Bopp crossed our skies in 1997, but I remember vividly seeing it with my parents. After 23 long…

  3. A Season as a Ski Photographer

    2020-07-03 23:01:00 UTC
    I moved to Taos in 2018 knowing I’d be working for Taos Ski Valley, the best ski resort in New Mexico, known worldwide for their advanced terrain. I was going to get to work in the mountains and ski for free, a dream come true! I took the first job…

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